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FileMaker 18 Server Enhancements, Updates, and New Features

FileMaker 18 Server enhancements, updates, and new features covers the highlights of what has changed and what you need to know to stay current on your developer skills.

There are not many major modifications to Server in FileMaker 18, but if you deal with server on a regular basis, you will certainly want to utilize these features.
Improvements to control over the backup process, additional CLI options, startup enhancements, and monitoring of server performance are just a few of the new features you will appreciate!

Even if you are not a professional server enthusiast, it is still helpful to have a fundamental understanding of the possibilities and performance capabilities of Server.
In addition, information about server can be a significant part of the certification exam if that is on your to do list ( and it should be).

See what’s new with FileMaker 18 – watch our video series in the Productive Computing University (PCU) FREE course “FileMaker 18 Platform Features”.


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