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FileMaker Aggregate is Back – Everything FileMaker in One Place Next Week – And We Mean Everything – FileMaker Today

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The Original FileMaker Feed Aggregator is coming back to stay. You Will Never Miss Another FileMaker Post. Starting next week we will be re-launching our Original FileMaker Feed Aggregator ” Gator”. This will give all our members and visitors the opporunity to see any FileMaker post anywhere made that day in real time. There is so much FileMaker material that is spread everywhere that goes unseen. As we have done in the past we are litterally making Everything FileMaker in One Place. News, Events, Videos, Blogs and more, all you need to do is click and visit the author site.

We will also offer notifications of new material via sms push notifications, email and yes even in 20th century newsletter form. The site format will return in the original grid “pinterest” format. 

So to sum it up…we look forward to keeping you updated and keeping it all in one place as we have done for more than 16 years and over 80,000 members “38,000+ active” later. Thanks for being a part of FMT, the original filemaker forum and community. See how time flies… from 1998 to present on the Way Back Time Machine.

Just an FYI our site has since ripped off, our concept, even our original design mosaic format, this theif used our 16 year old site as a “blueprint” to build his rip over the past 12 months! He still visits daily for material! The sick focher even posted our forum posts and replies…his name and website are coming soon. This issue of NERVE is now a legal matter being persued on our behalf. We may break the whole story at DevCon San Antonio since he calls himself a FileMaker developer..

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