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FileMaker Business: Developing a FileMaker Sales Process

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Mark Richman – Skeleton Key

Session Description

For years I thought I was just a creator of databases, supporting myself one contract at a time — no “selling” required. But as my business grew, I realized that we needed to start winning new work to survive.

After trying everything I could, I found that the key was developing a repeatable and scalable sales process that felt natural and was easy for me to perform. That’s what I’ll talk about today.

What you should know

It will help if you believe that influencing others is part of your job, and that repeatable success depends to some degree on repeatable behavior.

Products & Technologies

  • Pro/Advanced
  • Go
  • Server
  • WebDirect

Session Materials

  • Please see attachment(s) below.

What You Will Learn

  • Become confident in your own natural ability to sell, and understand why we all need to be comfortable doing it
  • Review commonly-used sales processes and their constituent components so you can understand the “building blocks” of selling
  • Design your own personal sales process, then evaluate what you might need to change in order to implement it successfully
  • Measure the performance of your new sales process so you can effectively tune and improve it over time


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