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FileMaker Certification Test Preparation | Calculation: Let

In this video, we give you a sneak peek at our new FileMaker Certification Test Preparation course available in our University Bundle at Productive Computing University. This portion of the course is currently available.

In this preview video, Stu, the instructor of the course, dives in and demonstrates the Let function in FileMaker. This video is part of the much larger training section covering the “Working with Calculations” category of the FileMaker Certification test to help the FileMaker developer feel confidently prepared to pass that portion.

You can purchase this course as part of the PCU University Bundle, which will include all 8 parts of the test prep course as they are released.

To purchase the Bundle, visit

Check out a free preview of the Evaluate function here:

Check out the course here:

Other useful links:
Productive Computing University:




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1 Comment
  1. Productive Computing says

    The Let function is one of most powerful functions, which also means it can be the most confusing.
    You know the saying, “With great power comes great complexity”, or something like that.
    Concepts that are too complex to understand are typically avoided.
    But when you finally see it simplified to be able to comprehend it, you may wonder how you lived without it.
    This information is not just helpful to be prepared for the FileMaker Certified Developer exam, it is extremely beneficial for practical use in your personal programming potential.
    By investing a few minutes to really grasp the capabilities of Let, you will save time exponentially in your application development.
    Increase the possibilities of your solutions by learning how this little gem can be used to clean up calculations and streamline your data flow processes.

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