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FileMaker Certification Test Preparation | Data Integration: Exporting and Saving

In this video, we give you a sneak peek at our new FileMaker Certification Test Preparation course available in our University Bundle at Productive Computing University. This portion of the course will be available in early 2019.

In this preview video, Stu, one of the instructors of the course, dives in and discusses export and save feature.

You can purchase this course as part of the PCU University Bundle, which will include all 8 parts of the test prep course as they are released.

To purchase the Bundle, visit

Check out the course here:

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Productive Computing University:




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Thanks for watching!

1 Comment
  1. Productive Computing says

    I used to think the Save and Export features were the same, especially for the Excel option.
    While studying hours and hours to pass the FileMaker Certification exam I took a closer look at these features and there are a few differences that might shock you or your end user!  
    Perhaps this is why this subject is a part of the official study guide for the Data Integration portion which is 5-10% of the entire exam.
    I hope this helps you on your journey to become a FileMaker Certified Developer, and possibly even prevent an embarrassing mistake in your solution!

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