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FileMaker Certification Test Preparation | Writing Scripts: Go To Related Record

This FileMaker training video on the Go To Related Record script step is an excerpt from the Writing Scripts section of our FileMaker Certification Test Preparation course available at Productive Computing University.

This is a very commonly used script step, however, there are some little known strange results if this is performed in unusual scenarios.

Expected outcomes can turn into very dangerous unexpected consequences if this step is not followed correctly.

Since Go To Related Record is listed in the official study guide for the FileMaker Certified Developer exam, all details about this are fair game and need to be fully understood.

Check out the complete course here:

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1 Comment
  1. Productive Computing says

    I used this simple step a certain way at least a thousand times, but never knew what would happen if it was used with other options and circumstances. One small difference can cause disastrous results.
    When it comes to Certification, it’s not about knowing one way to accomplish a goal, it’s about knowing ALL of the ways that work, and why other ways do NOT work. All of the questions are easy when you know the answer! Don’t let this simple one pass you by!

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