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FileMaker Cloud Essentials | DB Services


On January 22nd, 2020, Claris International, Inc. announced the release of FileMaker Cloud Essentials. This product is the latest innovation by Claris, and is another step forward towards the vision of becoming a “Cloud-First” Workplace Innovation Platform. The bundling of FileMaker licensing and hosting together for an annual price allows for organizations to quickly and easily create a custom application without the hassle of server setup and maintenance.

Is FileMaker Cloud Essentials right for me?

Your organization may be a perfect fit for FileMaker Cloud Essentials based on the following criteria:

  1. Your organization will have 5-10 FileMaker users.
  2. Your organization will have no more than 3 FileMaker applications to be hosted.
  3. Your organization is new to FileMaker and/or a custom Workplace Innovation Platform.
  4. Your organization does not have the time or resources to manage a server.
  5. Your organization will not need more server space than a t2.large AWS Cloud server can provide.

The Basics

The FileMaker Cloud Essentials product is the perfect opportunity for small-to-medium sized businesses to create their own Workplace Innovation Platform to be hosted on the Cloud.

FileMaker Cloud Essentials allows for 5-10 users and up to 3 single-file database applications with an annual license. Additionally, 2 GB of storage is allowed per user, 24 GB of Data API transfer per user per year, and the solutions are hosted on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) t2.large Cloud instance.

Included with your annual Cloud Essential license is access to all three FileMaker platforms: FileMaker Pro Advanced, FileMaker WebDirect, and the mobile platform FileMaker Go. Your system will also be secure due to end-to-end encryption, and you can rest easy knowing that your Cloud server is monitored around-the-clock by Claris.

24/7 dedicated support is also included free for the first year with your Cloud Essentials license.


DB Services is a Certified Reseller of the FileMaker Cloud Essentials product. FileMaker Cloud Essentials is priced competitively to allow smaller organizations to join the digital transformation to Cloud-based software.

FileMaker Cloud Essentials starts at $223 per seat annually through DB Services, with a minimum of 5 seats required and maximum of 10 seats. Because this product includes hosting through the Cloud, your licensing and hosting costs are bundled together for one simple, annual price. This will also position you to be able to use Claris Connect when released later in Q1 2020.

Multi-year discounts are also available for the FileMaker Cloud Essentials product.

What if I need more?

If you are in need of more users, Cloud server space, or have more than 3 applications you would like to host, FileMaker Cloud Standard may be a good fit. The FileMaker Cloud Standard product allows for 5+ users, 125 applications, larger AWS Cloud server instances, and more storage per user. Claris and DB Services are currently offering discounts through September 25th, 2020 for existing FileMaker users to migrate to FileMaker Cloud Standard.

FileMaker Cloud Essentials FileMaker Cloud Standard
5-10 users 5-100+ users
t2.large Varies based on number of users.
Host 3 apps Host 125 apps

On-premises server FileMaker licensing is also available. Claris and DB Services are also providing discounts for existing FileMaker users to migrate to annual, on-prem licensing.

Learn More

DB Services has two in-house Licensing Specialists available to help you find the best licensing for your organization. Our Specialists work directly with Claris to get the best pricing possible on FileMaker licensing of all kinds, and will be happy to evaluate your use cases for FileMaker and provide suggestions on licenses for your organization.

Give us a call at 888-488-0191 or fill out our Contact Form here to talk with one of our Specialists and get a FileMaker Licensing quote today!

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