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FileMaker Commenting Best Practice

This FileMaker training video discusses the options, locations, methods, styles and best practices for documenting your FileMaker solution.

This is part 2 of 2 videos. Part 1 covered the Top 7 Reasons NOT to Document your FileMaker solution. See Part 1 here:

If you choose to comment/document your FileMaker solution, this video will demonstrate the best practices for streamlining the process.

FileMaker developers often refer to documenting or commenting a solution, and this video finally puts the best concepts all in one place.

Commenting or properly documenting in FileMaker is not just confined to a script. There are numerous places where notation can be used. There are also many different methods and styles of commenting.

The additional notes and descriptions in your FileMaker solution are not just for developers. Layout design, table structure, fields names, and other specific tools can make the entire commenting process easier for both the developers and the end users.

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  1. Productive Computing says

    There are so many ways of commenting/documenting to set up a solution to have that little extra 'something' that makes it more enjoyable for the end user and easier to troubleshoot, maintain, or improve later by developers. Those handful of seconds it takes can pay off a hundredfold during the lifespan of a well documented solution.
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