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FileMaker CRM Sample App Compared with Core4 and Core5

In this video, we explore the new, free CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) file that FileMaker is now offering in their FileMaker Custom App Academy. We then compare FileMaker’s free app and its functionality to some of the paid CRMs that we offer (Core4 and Core5).

The free CRM from FileMaker includes four modules: Dashboard, Clients, Contacts and Opportunities. We explore the functionality of these modules for the end user and go under the hood to look at the different tables, relationships and table occurrences.

Core5 Starter Edition CRM was created to give developers (and end users) the ability to jump-start a FileMaker QuickBooks integration because this starter solution comes preconfigured to connect to both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Core4 CRM is a robust CRM created to manage all aspects of a business. This CRM can be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Contacts, and Apple Calendar.


FileMaker sample app:

Core4 link:

Core5 link:

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