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FileMaker Date Formats & Functions


An instructional video about FileMaker Date Formats and date functions. This includes time and timestamps as well. If you’d like to know as much as possible about how FileMaker stores and interacts with dates and times then you’ll likely find some great information in this video.

00:00 – Start
00:30 – Quick overview
01:07 – Date/Time/Timestamp Fundamentals
02:02 – When you want date vs time vs timestamp
03:32 – How dates/times are really stored
08:20 – The atomic units of dates & times
10:20 – Formatting FileMaker dates & times
12:13 – The two uses of time in FileMaker
15:56 – Display formats for dates & times
19:03 – Understanding UTC time
27:00 – Date & Time Custom Functions for FileMaker
32:10 – Calculating a person’s age in FileMaker
34:12 – Calculating time between two dates
36:37 – Calculating a day in the future
38:15 – Calculating total months elapsed
39:03 – Calculating Date of Month in FileMaker
42:01 – Quick Overview – Contents

Link to file download

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