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One of the things that Matt does not tell you in this video is that his very own site “FileMaker Magazine” is one of the very best resources for up and coming FileMaker Developers. We recommend you get a subscription, months from now you’ll be patting yourself on the back! When you spend a lot of time developing in one specific environment, you tend to pick up your own “way of doing things”. This applies to pretty much every developer and everyone has their own suite of favorite tools.

Because I’m asked this question often enough, I’m providing you with this video about the tools and tips I use which make my development experience with FileMaker just a bit more enjoyable.

If you’ve found a workflow, plug-in or tool which you enjoy using, then please leave a comment on this article’s page.

If you’ve not invested the time in making your development within FileMaker a bit easier and more efficient, then I’m sure this video will have a least something which will make you glad you watched!

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