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Filemaker Dropdown without ID trick

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This is a little trick in Filemaker Pro 12. The idea is to make dropdowns that don’t show an ID number.
But only a client name or a product name.
The trick works by putting two fields on top of each other.
It works in a normal layout or in a portal.
It also shows a bug that exists in Filemaker Pro 12.
If you want to see the text properly then choose a higher quality at the bottom of the video.

Someone asked my why go trough the difficulty of linking by ID. Why not link two related tables by the contact’s name?

Well that’s about the worst thing you can do in relational database design.
Imagine this scenario:
You have a contact in your database called: “Hildi Jones”
You enter her name and you create a related note.
This note is now related to “Hildi Jones”.
Then you have her on the phone and it turns out that her name is actually “Hilda” in stead of “Hildi”. No problem, you quickly change the name and problem solved, right?
You now have one note related to “Hildi Jones”. But She doesn’t exist anymore. This note is now orphaned and related to an unexisting contact.
Then you make more notes and you have not realized that your old notes are gone.
Now she gets married and becomes “Hilda Petersen”
You again simply change her name and move on.
But now you realize you lost all her notes.
If you are lucky you remember that she changed her name and you are able to find her old notes, the ones related to “Hilda Jones”. But will you remember to also get the original “Hildi Jones” notes?
People’s names change and errors can be made. You could even have two people with the same name. But you will never have two people with the same ID. And the ID never changes.
So that’s why in relational database design you never related tables by name. But always by Unique ID.

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