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FileMaker Examples releases Icon Pack for iOS – FileMaker Today

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Transform your FileMaker Pro solutions with the Icon Pack for FileMaker! This is a free application that stores hundreds of FileMaker button icons right within your iOS device.

Easily get an icon for your solution within minutes and save time by not having to browse the internet. This Icon Pack is not just a collection of any icons. These are SVG icons optimized to work with FileMaker, allowing developers to take control of their button icons. Every icon has been tested to make sure it works with FileMaker.

What does ‘Optimized for FileMaker’ mean?

This means that the colour has been removed from the icon. This lets FileMaker populate the icon with the colors you specify. By default, icons are black.

FileMaker’s Button Icon Settings:

Take advantage of FileMaker’s ability to change a button’s icon color as the user interacts with the button. This can be used to create great hover and pressed effects. Change the button icon color settings in the Inspector Window > Appearance > Button: Icon.

How to get an icon from the App:

  1. Find an icon that fits your application.

  2. Tap the ‘Get’ button and the icon will be attached to an email.

  3. Enter your email address, tap send and the icon is on your desktop!

The SVG Icon Pack has been available on Mac since October 2015 and due to it’s popularity, the Icon Pack for iOS has been created!

Get the Icon Pack for iOS here >

Get the SVG Icon Pack for desktop here >

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