Friday, August 19, 2022
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FileMaker Go 17 Configure Local Notifications (push notifications, reminders)

In this video, we discuss the brand new feature in FileMaker 17 Go called Configure Local Notification – also known as Notifications, Push events, Push Notifications, Simple Notifications or Reminders.

This deep dive covers notifications in general and how they work on an iOS device – including their settings and preferences. FileMaker Go now offers a lot of flexibility and the ability to play with each of the options.

We discuss a couple scenarios to help you better understand the workflow options available with this feature. We also do a demo with our Core5 Starter Edition CRM showing you how to script these notifications.

Here at Productive Computing, we’re aiming to bring more visibility to the FileMaker platform by way of these videos and are excited to share with the community these great features from our broad perspective and many years of first-hand experience with the FileMaker platform.

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