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Learning FileMaker Go Using the DevCon2Go17 App w/ Claus Lavendt

Learn how to implement the new features of FileMaker Go

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Claus Lavendt – DataManix

FileMaker Go 16 is the ultimate mobile app for your solutions. With FileMaker 16 a large set of new tools has been added to the platform, which we have used extensively in the DevCon2Go17 app. Best of all, in DevCon2Go17 you can learn and see the code in action. Not only have we used the new features, but we have also incorporated both data update and in-app update features.

In this session, learn how to implement the new features of FileMaker Go and the platform into your own mobile apps.

What you should know

Some familiarity with FileMaker Go development is recommended as well as knowledge about the FileMaker Platform.

Products & Technologies

  • Go
  • Server

Session Materials

  • Materials are not yet available for this session.

What You Will Learn

  • Exiting mobile apps is created with FileMaker GO
  • Only imagination sets the limits to our mobile apps
  • Learn how to build cool apps like DevCon2Go17
  • Become a rock star mobile app developer with FileMaker GO

Download the DevCon2Go17 here: FileMaker DevCon2Go for 2017 – Download today!


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