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FileMaker Go and iOS 8 compatibility – FileMaker Today

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The following table provides information for FileMaker Go and iOS 8 compatibility:





Known Issues

FileMaker Go 13



See below






Update to 13.0.5

FileMaker Go 12 and earlier versions of FileMaker Go have not been tested nor certified with iOS 8. FileMaker Go 12 was developed and released before iOS 8 became available. While FileMaker Go 12 may install and run on iOS 8, you may encounter stability issues for which there is no resolution.


Known issues with FileMaker Go 13.0.5 and iOS 8

iPad and iPhone

  1. Viewing a non-FileMaker Pro file (PDF, CSV, etc.) and attempting to Print from the Share menu will crash FileMaker Go.

  2. In List or Table View, tapping into an empty field that has a OnObjectKeystroke script trigger, shows the text scrolled partially out of view.

  3. The re-authenticate dialog will not display the keyboard if and only if the keyboard was initially dismissed, switched to another application, and then switching back where re-authentication is required. Tapping into the field will then re-display the keyboard.

  4. Transferring a file targeting FileMaker Go to open the file will not open the file, but it will store the file to the iOS device.

  5. Fields formatted for either “Numeric 10-key”, “Number”, or “Phone” keyboard will not provide audible feedback for each key tap.


iPad only

  1. When tapping into a Container field and choosing “Camera”, rotating the iPad either left or right will rotate 180 degrees in the opposite direction.

  2. The image for the map/location will not be rendered completely.


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