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Hands-Free Printer is a FileMaker® Pro plugin that lets you completely automate print jobs. It’s the only plugin that can individually control almost any printer option on both Windows and Macintosh. Take control of your printer. Give Hands-Free Printer a try – free for 30 days.

Individually set printer options.

printer options you can choose No other printer plugin lets you use a script to choose not just the printer name, but the orientation, paper size, tray, number of copies, and so on.

Control non-standard printer options.

Control non-standard options like staple and hole punch, toner saver, and almost any other printer setting. No other FileMaker printer plugin offers that, either.

Print like a ninja.

Hide the print setup and page setup dialogs entirely, or show printer dialogs pre-set with options you have chosen and let your users make changes before they start the print job.

Oh, did we mention no other plugin can ninja print with hidden dialogs?

Save money.

Paper, toner, and printer parts are expensive. You can save hundreds of dollars by automating common printer jobs to avoid costly mistakes like accidentally printing “All Records” – mistakes that can blow through all the paper in the printer before anyone notices and cause a lot of unnecessary printer wear and toner waste. Save even more by directing printer jobs to a scratch-paper tray, setting double sided, black and white, and toner saver options that most users never learn how to use or simply forget to use. Even pop a dialog to remind users not to print if they don’t really need a paper copy.

Complex printer jobs made easy.

Use a script that provides instructions to guide your users through complex printer jobs like thank you letters with envelopes, telling them what paper to put in while Hands-Free Printer does the rest. Click a button to print a weekly report without thinking about it every time, or let a FileMaker script walk you through printing a yearly mailing that’s always been a pain to remember how to print. Even new employees will be printing stapled and hole punched documents like they’ve worked there for years.

Avoid dozens of “Restore Print Settings”.

Each printer option is set independently, not as a group like with FileMaker’s “restore print settings” feature. Setting printer options independantly can remove the need for dozens or even hundreds of “restore settings” script steps since a unique “restore settings” step is required for every combination of printer, paper size, paper source, and so on.

Your scripts will be easier to read and less prone to errors without convoluted If/Else script steps separating each “restore settings” step.

Choose your printer.

FileMaker 11 introduced the ability to choose your printer using the “restore settings” script step. If you’re still using FileMaker 10 or earlier, Hands-Free Printer can do the same thing, which is invaluable in offices with multiple printers.

New printer, no problem.

Instead of updating who knows how many “restore settings” script steps to point to a new printer, HFP lets you share a single “restore settings” script step among all your printing scripts. Update that one “restore settings” and none of the HFP scripts that set standard printer options need to be updated if your printer changes.

No special requirements.

When you include Hands-Free Printer in your products, your users won’t need to turn on “access for assistive devices” on Macintosh or worry about having things like Applescript or VBScript enabled. Your system’s default printer is never changed.

Try for free.

Take control of your printer. Give Hands-Free Printer a try – free for 30 days.


System Requirements

  • FileMaker Pro 7v3 through 13

  • Windows 2000 through Windows 8.1

  • Macintosh OS X 10.5 (Leopard) through 10.9 (Mavericks), Intel processor

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