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FileMaker iOS App SDK QuickStart

Video provided by Matt Petrowsky at

Doesn’t everyone want to build an app these days? How about you? Is building a native looking iOS app on your agenda? Wouldn’t it be easier if your user’s didn’t have to learn the FileMaker Go UI and could simply tap your own custom solution icon when using an iOS device?

If the answer is yes, then your wait is over. In the first quarter of 2016, FileMaker, Inc. quietly released their iOS App SDK for FileMaker. This Xcode based toolkit enables anyone, with the willingness to learn, the ability to create a native looking iOS App using FileMaker Pro.

At its heart, you’re simply wrapping the FileMaker Go product around your files and then able to run your app as its own process with its own sandbox. This becomes a big benefit when it comes to distributing your FileMaker solution.

All of your standard FileMaker functionality is still available to you. It really is a very empowering technical solution. You can rapidly build a very functional solution and be ready to deploy on any iOS device.

In this video, I walk through the steps necessary to get up and running quickly with Xcode and the iOS App SDK for FileMaker. You can start testing your files via Xcode’s built in Simulator app within record time.

  1. Martin Niklaus says

    do you have a idea how to send a PushNotification to a FM-iOS App?

  2. Lexi Nisha says

    Thanks Matt, very helpful as always.

    So, can the fmp12 file just be an opener file pointing to a file on the FMServer? Or a separation file pointing to a data file on the FMServer? Or would the data file on the FMServer need to be bound and installed on the device too?


  3. Aloha says

    Where the hell do I download the iOSAppSDK.tbz??? File seems nowhere to get.

  4. Chirayu K says


  5. David Wollesen says

    Thank You for a great video!
    Would this work for hosted files on FM Server as well, or does it only work for locally stored apps?

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