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FileMaker OCR Demo: Scan Paper, Read Text, and Split a PDF using 360Works Scribe 4

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Today, we wanted to share a practical way to use the new FileMaker OCR and PDF integration features in Scribe 4. If you have a stack of paper with information you need to access from FileMaker, you can easily automate this process with Scribe.

In this demo video, we will show how you can scan in a stack of paper and extract the text (using OCR) into FileMaker, and have it on individual (spliced) PDF pages.

What you will need:
Scribe 4
Scanline (Mac)
or NAPS2 (Windows)

How to steps outlined:

Run help, find scanner on your network OR windows, install NAPS in the default location, choose your scanner
Scan document to your desktop
Execute command line from FileMaker (use our execute command line script)
Use Scribe to split the scanned pdf into single pages: – get page count – extracting a single page using splice pdf (splits up our scanned PDF here)
Go to LAB – in scanning demo file

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