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FileMaker PDF from Server | DB Services

Brendan McBride 

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May 9th, 2017 

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FileMaker Server 16 now has the ability to create PDFs on the server! Gone are the days of creating overly complicated PHP setups and unreliable FileMaker Pro robot machines. FileMaker 16 is jam packed with loads of new features, one of the most exciting is it’s new PDF capabilities. Here are a few of the great new features FileMaker Server 16 adds for PDFs:

New Features

  • Server Schedules & Perform Script on Server (PSOS): Save Records as PDF is fully supported with server side schedules and perform script on server.
  • WebDirect: Both Print and Save Records as PDF script steps are supported. Print first open a View as PDF dialog, then it will open a new window or tab. Save Records as PDF will download the PDF directly to the users download folder.

Filemaker webdirect view as pdf menu
Important Notes

There are a few features that are not yet supported on FileMaker Server when it comes to print forms and a few settings that need to be handled. Here are some points that you will want to keep in mind:

  • Fonts: You will need to ensure that any fonts that your print forms use are also installed on the FileMaker Server machine.
  • WebDirect Popups: The Print script step for WebDirect is a popup, so you will want to ensure that your users enable popups for your database.
  • WebDirect Menu: View as PDF is the only PDF option accessible from the WebDirect drop down menu.
  • Server Schedules & PSOS: The print script step is not supported with server side schedules and perform script on server.
  • Custom Web Publishing: FileMaker Server CWP will NOT be able to create PDFs, even when running a script using the PHP API. To learn more, read our article on how to create a PDF via PHP on FileMaker Server.

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