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FileMaker Pro 14 & FM Starting Point Video Training Course | FileMaker 14 Videos

FileMaker Pro 14 & FM Starting Point Video Training Course | FileMaker 14 Videos

Download the FileMaker Pro 14 & FileMaker 14 for Mobile Devices Training Videos at

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  1. Dr John Pollard says

    Gee, just a thought, but if you named FMSP by the FM version, it would all be easy to understand.

  2. Dr John Pollard says

    Just my 2 cents, if you are new or even intermediate with FM, the course Richard has put together is by far the most practical and informative FM training out there and I have taken all the well known ones. The fact that by default he had already created a super comprehensive FREE template that has been refined and refined even more over the years makes this the only real FM training worth any amount of money. I can also verify that he is super responsive to feedback, and very helpful, etc. FM Corporate is lucky to have this guy doing all this for good of mankind, basically. Upgrading to the 14 course (from the 13 course ) was also very valuable, for anyone in that situation.

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