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Filemaker Pro Basics for beginners

This is a beginner tutorial for people who are just getting started with Filemaker and have no idea where to begin. In this lesson we create a simple contacts solution from scratch so you end up with a file you can actually use. During the lesson we cover all the basics you need to learn to get started with Filemaker.

Get the Filemaker file here:

My Udemy page:


  1. David Erika says

    I have to say though – I am not very good at giving compliments , If a person can do something and he knows it then he needs no compliments
    BUT i have to say after looking at your video's and teaching methods – I personally think they are brilliant and deserve the compliment – Looking forward to seeing more from you on YouTube or even Udemy
    Thank you for the hard work !

    David Erika

  2. Luc Huyse says

    I use FileMaker since a long time. I started with a pre-made solution I received with the program. It worked well but I had no feeling with that program and made mistakes. Guy is explaining this now step by step and finally I understand the program, how to use it and how to adapt it to my whishes. Thank you Guy!

  3. Art Pirrin says

    Hello Guy. Your videos are great and I have learned a lot from them. But there is one thing I am having trouble with and would appreciate some help with. I am creating an invoicing system which looks up prices from another table. The problem is that when I issue an invoice and then change the price of an item, for example, I want that new price to be used for future invoices, but not change the price in an old invoice what I already created a while back. Thanks!!!

  4. Impedance323 says

    I built my whole companies customer service database based on your channel! Thank you so much… been following for some time now

  5. Julian Van-Toller says

    Hi Guy, I must say, that your video are an inspiration for me. I have learnt so much in such a short period. Now that I have purchased filemaker and have my databank started. I have a question for you. I have a tiny business (it's just me), in which I use inventory for repairs. Sometimes I would add an items to the repair report and then delete it, because it wasn't used. How do I make the inventory count list, back track this inventory so that the stock count is again correct. It wasn't used, but booked out. I also have problems with the automatic data filling for such a report. I want to choose from a list of existing parts or another table which fills out the PN, description, customer, contact, quoted repair, po received. Any new video in this direction would be a pleasure to watch and learn. I have already many tables, organised in your manner. So now, I just want to start automatically filling in forms or layouts, using the relationship and your methods. To have multiple suppliers of one part, would like to show a different price for each and the last order. I have many questions. Thank you for everything you have shown me. I normally watch your video and then spend hours doing the same on my database and having to watch each step again and again . I get it in the end and I love it.

  6. Wally Sew-Atjon says

    hoi Guy ,ik vind je video's top.maar ik heb moeite met de Nederlandse stappen on een script maken ( ik heb filemaker windows )jou "Set Capture  is het Nedelands "foutafvanging instellen". dus niet makkelijk te vinden.als ik jou script stappen volgt is dat niet makkelijk.als je een steps(rechts van het scriptveld) daar opzoekt is het nog wel te volgen welke je bedoeld.maar als je in script veld schrijft komen jou Engelse stap te voorschijn ,bij de Nederlandse versie is dat niet.zijn alle steps in het Engels ergens in het Nederlands te vinden?

  7. Wally Sew-Atjon says

    sorry Guy ,ik bedoelde Set error capture is in het nederlands foutafvanging kan ik niet scroll windows [home] vinden rechts in de stappenlijst. help

  8. Wally Sew-Atjon says

    gevonden , "scroll windows [home] " is in het Nederlands "venster schuiven [home]"

  9. Wally Sew-Atjon says

    bedankt Guy voor je antwoord.
    zal het overwegen ,het helpt mij wel als je rechts uit de stappenlijst en stap een stap kiest ;-).
    nogmaals, top video's en een rustige uitleg. topppp

  10. Bob Cole says

    Hi Guy, this Bob from the UK on Filemaker Pro advanced 11. Have a problem printing stock label details where some stock items require more of the same labels than others. I have set up a print page for the labels but I cant seem to find a way of printing several of the same stock details along side other stock details of lesser item in stock. What I need is to be able to print the labels that correspond to the stock quantity of each item along side items of less stock.I have considered duplicating the stock items by the amount in stock but that throws my stock and ID numbers out of sequence. Is there a solution. If anyone knows you do. Great videos by the way, I have seen most all of your videos which have helped me greatly. Regards Bob Cole

  11. Belimpo bvba says

    Hi Guy, Hoe kun je best je database aanmaken als je verschillende leveringsadressen hebt,
    voor één klant?

  12. Belimpo bvba says

    Hey Guy,
    Super bedankt voor je reactie, en goede uitleg.
    Ik ga hiermee aan de slag.
    Ik ben bezig met het maken van een Fm14 database. Met als basis hetgeen ik leer via jou film op YouTube. Ik maak het wel voor een Layout voor een Ipad.

    Bij de Basic button 4 (geel) voor mail zie ik op mijn Imac het icoontje postbus, maar op het scherm van mijn Ipad enkel een geel veld. Weet jij hoe dat komt?



  13. Chiara Knecht says

    Thank you so much for this useful video!!!

  14. Oksana Franco says

    Hi Guy! THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this video! I'm very new to FM and had been searching for basic introduction to this software. I was hoping to find a video that shows intro and dives a little more deeper to relationships and some of the "macros" I need to design my database. You nailed it! Super happy to watch your video! I've learned a lot! Looking forward to other videos you posted or will post :). THANK YOU!!!

  15. Cynthia Heyman says

    Thank you so much for this video! I just got Filemaker and needed some basics, which your video provides perfectly. 🙂


    Excellent video and very well explained. Thank you, Guy!!

  17. T Nguyen says

    Hello Guy,

    I'm creating a POS system.
    In your script, you defined the script to find two product names (status).
    How would you write the script if there many product or service names?
    Basically, I want to enter the designated database, and search for ServiceA, ServiceB, ServiceC, with their service prices and save the results as variable.

  18. Jon E says

    outstanding! thank you

  19. Christian Rumscheidt says

    You are freaking awesome. You made it all very approachable and opened up a great deal of possibilities for me. Thank you!!!

  20. Byron Castillo says

    Hello Guy,
    The video is very good, simple & important…
    Thnks !

  21. Byron Castillo says

    Hi Guy, your toturial es very interesting.
    You can give me an idea how to include the User and Password fields in a form, something like this:

    Thanks for yout help.

  22. David Kirkendall says

    I am new to Filemaker pro. I watched your video… and was able to create exactly what I needed. Great Job! Thank you. I do have a follow up question…. I have Filemaker Pro Advanced… Now that I have my solution… I would like to "publish" it so that I can access it from different computers that I may be on. I don't need to change the layouts on those devices… just enter data… I do want the data entered on one device to change the data on all other devices… do you have a video on this or is there a place to go get help on this? I am working for a tiny school district and can't afford to buy additional licenses or subscribe to expensive cloud services. Thank you for your time.

  23. André van Haren says

    Bedankt voor deze tutorial, Guy. Na mijn vorige experimenten was het tijd om even terug naar basic te gaan 🙂

  24. Fredric Quinn says

    Dear Steven, Am new to FMaker Pro and appreciate your approach so I have a request. I'm trying to create database for a friend
    whom owns a farm. Th task he has set for me is to try and come up with a database that takes care of Seed inventory. Problem is it's all s a MSFT Excel xlse file which has data entries that have northing to do with field tables I have laid out so when I try o iFile/Import Records/ File there is nothing listed on my side of the ledger to match the Excel list. I have
    Plant Category/Seed Name/Company Name/Date of Sale/ Price/ Expiration Date ( on seeds he already has ) Website/Re-Order form /Email to which there re no corresponding titles in the Excel tables. How can I import all on the stored info instead of trying to manually enter each of the 154 entires in their respective fields. Make Identical host fields that FileMaker pro will successfully transfer over to and then manually change the fields the corresponding fields as I designated them or what? T.I.A.

  25. Fredric Quinn says

    Hey Guy,
    I'm going to try an experiment. I'm going to create in Layout only the field headers I named that match the headers in the Excel Xlsx file. Namely: Plant/Variety/ skip*Style* which is left empty/Company/Date/ skip shelf life/Expiration date and see if that transferal works for me and thanks for leading me in the correct direction.
    If need be I can correct the import header designations after the fact and place the Expired Seeds on a separate Tab in order to allow the designation to be clearly differentiated from the still active seed packets.

  26. SenatorConfer says

    How would I create something similar to this with the colors and subsections?

    Sorry for the poor quality.

  27. John Davy says

    Excellent ! Please do not move cursor so quickly

  28. John Davy says

    You know your stuff! Wow!

  29. Esther Chen says

    I'm not a coder, not a developer but I would say this is a very useful tutorial for Filemaker. Thanks

  30. John Davy says

    Watching your video for 2nd time and it gets better each time. It is much better than the Webinar from Filemaker. Thanks

  31. John Davy says

    You are amazing! I love your videos – you are a great teacher!

  32. mike le says

    all your video is great. love it say thanks many time still not enought

  33. Daniel Lok says

    I am designing an inventory system for a helicopter company. Within this, I need to have a part, such as an engine, and then I would need to show sub-components within that engine with corresponding data. How would I be able to create a hierarchy of items like that? Great tutorial, by the way!

  34. Lisa Snider says

    Thank you so much Guy, trying to decide if this will work for a "relationship database" needed for my business. Been working with excel but time to get real. The CRMs on the market are just too conflated. You sure make it look easy!

  35. Josh P. Jackson says

    You are AWESOME! Thank you!

  36. Edmundo Luna Torrico says

    Very good

  37. Curtis webber says

    does anyone know how to place a text discription in a field when a field has no entry in it

  38. Quincy Peabody says

    Hi, thanks so much for the tutorial,
    but I don't understand what happens at 1:10:49.
    or 1:13:18

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