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FMDeveloperTool in Claris FileMaker 20.3

Do you host your FileMaker files on a Linux server? Have you ever needed to encrypt your FileMaker applications or change the permissions of your users? As you are probably aware, FileMaker Pro is not accessible on a Linux server, and consequently, neither are...

Rapid Prototyping AIS with FileMaker

What is AIS? Automated Identification System is a technology used in marine transportation to track the movement of ships and prevent collisions. AIS uses a combination of GPS and VHF radio signals to transmit information about a ship’s identity, speed, and location to other ships...

Claris Connect and AWS S3

  Table of Contents: Claris Connect Series In this ongoing series of posts about Claris Connect and Amazon Web Services (AWS), we’ve looked at how to set up your AWS account and how to get started with a Claris Connect Flow using Amazon Simple Notification Service...