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Are you bogged down by handwritten notes, time-consuming manual data aggregation, and key data dispersed over multiple spreadsheets? Learn why research teams around the globe choose the FileMaker Platform to develop custom apps to transform data management. In this presentation, you’ll discover how an everyday problem solver created a custom app to help ALS research teams transform the way they conduct clinical trials and streamline data management. Specifically, you’ll learn why ALS patient Steph Courdin chose the FileMaker Platform as his software of choice, how he conceptualized and built a custom app with the help of a developer, and how the app is changing the way data is collected, accessed, and stored. If you’re looking for a simple, agile, cost-effective way to manage your team’s research data better, this webinar is for you. Watch Platinum FileMaker Business Alliance member Cris Ippolite, from iSolutions, for an informative 45 minute webinar.

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