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FILEMAKER: The Get(WindowMode) Function

From Dwayne Wright

Introduced With FileMaker 7
Returns A Number Result

The Get(WindowMode) function will return a number based upon the current mode ( Browse – Find – Preview – Layout) of the FileMaker active window. Active can be the foreground window or a window in use by a running script.

Browse mode will return a 0
Find mode will return a 1
Preview mode will return a 2
Printing in progress will return a 3

A little odd but you can also return a 4 when in layout mode and a script is trying to do something with that window. You won’t be able to see the returned value of 4 in another other situation than a currently running script on that window. You would use this for error checking that you are not trying to execute script steps in a window in layout mode. I’d assume FileMaker Advanced users would be able to see this result in the Data Viewer but I haven’t experimented with that situation yet.

© 2010 – Dwayne Wright –
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