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FileMaker WebDirect Portal for Regulatory Data Requests (FileMaker in Action 001)

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Title: FileMaker WebDirect Portal for Regulatory Data Requests
Track: FileMaker in Action 001
Speaker: Irwin Alvarado
From: E2 Consulting Engineers, Inc.

Session Description
Our main business is gas pipelines, which means dealing with regulatory agencies, documentation, and strict due dates. Until recently, this was done with large email chains involving a dozen stakeholders and one person gathering all the information.

This session will explore how we built our Data Requests WebDirect Portal in only 3 weeks, allowing everyone involved to collaborate, receive notification, discuss and gather documents in a simple and easy to use web app.

What you should know
No prerequisites.

Products & Technologies
FileMaker WebDirect

Session Materials

What You Will Learn
• How our WebDirect app coordinated people dealing with sensitive information
• How good design and FileMaker can bring transparency to email chains
• From requirement gathering to deployment in just 3 weeks with WebDirect
• Defining success with quantifiable metrics, reduced risk, and lower cost

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