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FileMaker Windows Sizing Issues and Solutions

This FileMaker training video covers the foundational aspects of determining the size of each layout window which will lead to the next video regarding window placement.

Every direct interaction with FileMaker requires a window.
Proper planning and strategy is generally applied more to structure and schema, often leaving very little time to create a great user experience with all of that important data.
At a bare minimum, there should be attention given to the actual window itself:
What size should it be?
Are there different sizes for different views?
Is each layout independent of other layouts or dependent on other layouts?
Can the user determine their preferences dynamically?
Where should it be displayed on the screen?

All of these questions can be easily answered and implemented with some simple scripting and script triggers.
With the right approach, you can save a lot of design time and still create a great user experience based on what the user prefers!

The sooner you choose a specific strategy, the sooner it can be applied to your solutions.
The sooner it is applied properly, the sooner you start saving time and frustration in the design phase.

Script steps utilized in this video:
Move/Resize Window
Adjust Window

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1 Comment
  1. Productive Computing says

    I realized early in my FileMaker developing career that not everyone likes the same format and process as I do.  If you asked ten different users, you would get twenty opinions on preferences.  Using the power of FileMaker to set up a solution for dynamic interaction and experience can really eliminate frustration as a developer.   
    Determine your strategy, set it up once in a template, create all layouts based on that template, and you now have a large piece of the puzzle completed instantly every time.

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