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Fireside FileMaker Podcast

How to become a professional FileMaker™ developer

FileMaker FireSide Podcast Episode 4

Are you a budding developer who wants to start his own FileMaker business? In this podcast, we talk about how to gather the technical knowledge to become a professional developer as well as how to drum up business by mastering the key skills needed to promote yourself and your services. Technical know-how and business acumen are the key to opening and maintaining a successful FileMaker development firm of one or more people.

John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde would like to invite you to join them at the Fireside FileMaker podcast ( or for a series of interesting and, they hope, thought-provoking conversations about everything FileMaker™ from two passionate developers with a total of almost 60 years developing FileMaker solutions.

Fireside FileMaker™ is a podcast collaboration between John Mark Osborne and Michael Rocharde discussing FileMaker related topics. We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of complex FileMaker decisions within the warmth and comfort of a campfire discussion among friends. Download an episode and try us out and please leave comments. We would love to hear your thoughts on existing podcasts or suggestions for future FileMaker related episodes.

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