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FM 13 Sliding Drawer that Opens and Closes on Mouse-Over – FileMaker Today

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[This is an FMT AG Link] Daniel Wood “aka FileMaker Weetbicks on our forum” is back at Team Fusion giving you his indepth take on “Slide Controls” a hot new design feature in FileMaker 13. When you go to their site be sure and check out ReactorV4 a unique and powerful plugin for FileMaker Pro that empowers you to add advanced user interface controls to your database layouts.

The slide control is an exciting new  layout tool introduced in FileMaker 13. Because of it’s primary function of sliding via a swipe, it is built with FileMaker Go in mind. However it is quickly finding it’s place in FileMaker Pro with a number of cool uses for it being introduced into the community.

The slide control is one of the first UI tools that has animation built into it. The action of moving from one slide control panel to another can be animated (or not animated) by way of script. We can also script the navigation between slide panels. For these two reasons the slide control becomes a good candidate for a number of other UI patterns, one of which is a sliding drawer.

What is a Sliding Drawer

A sliding drawer (also known as a Navigation Drawer) is a control which expands to fill a larger portion of the screen when either pressed, hovered over with the mouse, or swiped with the finger on a touchscreen device. They generally appear on the left edge of a screen, but can be on any edge if desired.

The drawer is most useful when the screen does not have enough room on it to contain further functionality and actions.  These can be placed in the drawer and the drawer can be opened when required to give access to the additional functionality.

Here is an example of a website that contains a sliding drawer……

Read the Blog Article at DF

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