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FM AuditLog Pro 2.0 Track FileMaker Go and WebDirect History – FileMaker Today

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Now in Beta FM AuditLog Pro is coming (now in beta). Track all data modifications in your FileMaker solution… and roll back! You’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Since the initial release of FM AuditLog Pro (2008), the needs have changed quite a bit. The release of FileMaker Go and WebDirect in particular represented a big turn in the FileMaker history, and we clearly needed a proper way to track data modification.

For a reminder, FM AuditLog Pro is not a “simple” auto-enter calculation, where the data “history” is rendered in a single text field text (which by the way would be deleted together with the record). It’s a true transactional audit log system that allows tracking all data modifications in a separate table or file.

Key features of this version 2

  • FileMaker Go support

  • WebDirect support

  • Rollback ! (all data types supported, can revert a single value, a complete transaction or roll back a set of record to a specific timestamp)

  • No plugin

  • Optimized for FileMaker Server, but still runs in a solution that is not hosted

  • Even easier implementation


  • FileMaker 13 required

  • no custom web publishing support, unless a script is explicitly triggered

Known issues (remember we’re still in beta phase)

  • does not support rich text

  • does not support Replace Field Content

  • does not support drag’n’drop from an external application (unless an onObjectModify trigger is set to open the record)

  • the log script needs to be performed explicitly after an import

  • imports need to be performed with “Perform auto enter options” checked

Known issues with the demo file

  • the UI does not work well with WebDirect. For now you can see that the changes are correctly logged, but you can’t roll back (just a UI thing, the system behind works)

  • the UI is not super intuitive, but we wanted you to be able to see every thing on a single layout. Keep in mind that you can implement a completely different UI in your solution. The magic here is about how data modifications are recorded and reverted.

Pricing: FM AuditLog Pro 2 will be released in september 2014 and will be available for €349 VAT exl. Developer licence only. Full open source. Pay once, use it in as many solutions as you want… and be fair: don’t distribute it.

Save €100 VAT excl by pre ordering now !

(don’t worry about the prices indicated on the first page after you click ’Add to my cart’, they are tax included, but you’ll get the correct fee when you proceed)

Be a beta tester We’re still testing and improving. There are even features on which we have internal discussions about how they should behave. If you want to be part of this, this is the right time to download and challenge this simple demo file.

Please tweet about this if you think it’s worth.

Click the zip icon to download the demo file.

Zip - 153.4 kb

249.00 € VAT excl. (349.00 €)

301.29 € VAT incl.* (422.29 €)

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* VAT is invoiced only if you are in Belgium or if you are in another EU country and have no VAT number

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