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FM Data Migration Assistant Update for Catalina and FileMaker 19

The FM Data Migration Assistant is now compatible with FileMaker 19 and macOS 10.15 Catalina.

We made some updates to our FREE FM Data Migration Assistant app that works alongside Claris’s FileMaker Data Migration tool. The FileMaker Data Migration Tool (originally released with FileMaker 17) has been a game-changer for developers especially those who regularly migrate large systems from development to production.

Since the tool requires developers to understand and use commands in Terminal or the command prompt, it could be complicated for some people to use. In our app, we’ve done all the scripting work for you, so migrating data from one file to another is as easy as a few clicks and doesn’t require you to type commands in terminal or use the command prompt.

The FM Data Migration Assistant comes bundled with a course and us completely open and unlocked for your use.

You can find this free developer app at Productive Computing University:

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