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FMburgh Survey Results for October 2021

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Following the October meeting of FMburgh (the Pittsburgh FileMaker Developer Group), we asked the attendees which developer tasks they enjoy. We also asked them which is their preferred hardware / OS  configuration for a FileMaker Server deployment. Finally, we learned the same number of FileMaker developers love watching both Alien and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Q1) When working on a FileMaker solution, which developer tasks do you typically enjoy? (Check all that apply)

0.00% – Setting security permissions
12.5% – Testing before giving it to the user
50.0% – Building a cool calculation and/or custom function
62.5% – Creating layouts
62.5% – Getting user feedback and fine tuning the solution
75.0% – Defining tables and fields
75.0% – Writing scripts
75.0% – Creating unexpected features that wow the end users
87.5% – Gathering system requirements from the user

Q2) When deploying a hosted FileMaker solution, what is your preferred hardware/software configuration of the server?

22.2% – FileMaker Cloud
0.00% – Mac Pro running the newest macOS
0.00% – Mac Mini running the newest macOS
0.00% – Dedicated (stand-alone) PC server hardware running Windows Server OS
66.7% – Virtualized (shared resources) PC server hardware running Windows Server OS
0.00% – Dedicated (stand-alone) PC server hardware running Ubuntu Linux OS
0.00% – Virtualized (shared resources) PC server hardware running Ubuntu Linux OS
0.00% – The spare computer sitting in the corner of the office that wasn’t doing anything else
0.00% – My installation does not require FileMaker Server
11.1% – I don’t really care, as long as it works 24 / 7 / 365.

Q3) As part of your Halloween celebration, which horror movies and/or holiday specials are on your “Must See” list? (Check all that apply)

0.00% – The Exorcist
0.00% – Silence of the Lambs
0.00% – Bride of Frankenstein
0.00% – Rosemary’s Baby
0.00% – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
0.00% – Elvira’s Halloween Special
12.5% – Psycho
12.5% – The Shining
12.5% – Night of the Living Dead
12.5% – Halloween
12.5% – Friday the 13th
12.5% – It
12.5% – The Nightmare Before Christmas
25.0% – I’m not into scary movies.
37.5% – Alien
37.5% – It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown


If you responded to the October 2021 survey, we thank you for your participation. And whether you did or not, we also thank you for checking out the results. To join in on the fun, click here to submit your answers for November’s survey.

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