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Tim is like the FileMaker Energizer Bunny…he keeps cranking them out! EasySig does not come close to GoSign but is free and worth a look… FMEasySignature is an open source solution for capturing signatures in FileMaker databases. It is a technique for capturing signatures and optionally storing them in FileMaker databases. It is ideal for solutions that require signature capture, such as delivery receipts, contracts and agreements, etc.

Features include…

Easy integration.

• No new tables.

• No changes to the relationship graph.

• Just drop a Web viewer on a layout and you’re ready to go.

Easy customization.

• Customize the signing experience by specifying the dot size, minimum and maximum widths, background color, pen color.

• Use FMP URLs to save signatures to container fields.

Supports mobile and desktop solutions.

• Works with FileMaker Go.

• Works with FileMaker Pro.

To learn more about FMEasySignature, read our FAQ and Documentation, or go ahead and download a copy.

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