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FMI’s FileMaker Product Roadmap 2019

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The FileMaker product roadmap is designed to provide insight into the current thinking around core FileMaker Platform functionality. It should be considered a snapshot in time of what is being planned, developed, or tested in the next two releases of the FileMaker Platform.

The FileMaker Platform is unique in that the database, business logic layers, and cross-platform user interface are all designed to work together in one rapid application development environment. The FileMaker Platform consists of:

  • FileMaker Pro Advanced to create custom apps and access them on Windows and Mac computers.
  • FileMaker Go to access apps on iPad and iPhone devices.
  • FileMaker WebDirect to access apps in web browsers.
  • FileMaker Server to host apps on-premise.
  • FileMaker Cloud for AWS to host apps in the AWS Cloud.


The information on this page is meant to provide insight into the future of the FileMaker Platform, but it is important to understand that it is being shared for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY, and not as a binding commitment. This product roadmap and any related material on the strategy, development, release, and timing of any FileMaker products, features, or functionality remains at the sole discretion of FileMaker, Inc., and is subject to change for any reason without notice. The information on this page is provided without a warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or noninfringement.


The features in this roadmap are separated into three different timeframes. The above disclaimer applies to all of these categories:

  • In market: These features are in the current release of the FileMaker Platform. FileMaker Product Roadmap: In Market Features >
  • Next: These features are currently planned for the next major release of the FileMaker Platform.
  • In development: These features are currently in development and planned for a future release of the FileMaker Platform.
  • Under consideration: These features are currently being considered for inclusion in a future release of the FileMaker Platform. Please note that other features may be under consideration but are not listed as they are outside the timeframe of this roadmap.
  • On hold: These features have been deferred due to the prioritization of other features. While still under consideration, these features may be addressed in a different manner or using a different technology.

Feature Requests

If, after viewing the product roadmap below, you have a feature request, please visit Feature Requests on the FileMaker website or Ideas in the FileMaker Community.

Key areas of investment


Over the years, we have significantly increased the capability of the FileMaker Platform and moving forward we want to focus on improving the ease of use for those new to the platform. We believe that improving the first experience will help bring new developers into the FileMaker ecosystem. Additionally, we will continue to provide our more experienced developers with the tools they need to build great custom apps.

Feature Timeframe
New user interface for importing data — The redesigned Import Field Mapping dialog box makes it easier to map imported source data to FileMaker fields. Supports type ahead instead of drag and drop for greater efficiency. Specify custom delimiters when importing certain file types. Available in FileMaker Pro Advanced. In market
Version comparison — Use a preview release script step to save a copy of a FileMaker file as XML. Use the XML file to more easily compare changes and updates. Or use the Render file as XMLpreview script step when you want to store the XML data in a field or variable. In market
SetRecursion calculation function — Sets the maximum number of iterations for recursion and loops within an expression. The default limit is 50,000 iterations. The limit can be lowered or raised using this function. In market
While calculation function — Repeats logic while the condition is true, then returns the result. Replaces need for some recursive custom functions. In market
File-based script steps — Create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files to support external logging and data export in a custom format. Replaces need for many file-based plug-ins. In market
Script Error Logging — Use a preview script step to write information about script errors to a log file. In market
Continue modernizing Windows framework — Use the latest Windows framework to better leverage Windows OS technology. In development
Zoom-level visibility enhancements — Provides an easier and more discoverable way to zoom in to and out of apps displayed in FileMaker Pro Advanced. Under consideration
Custom app creation enhancements — Developers cancreate their own custom add-ons. Remove add-ons with the Undo command. Apply any updates to the add-on with the Update command. Under consideration
Dynamic layout objects (all clients) — Create dynamic layouts with objects that resize based on the size of the layout window or anchor to an area of the layout as the window size changes. Under consideration
Starter apps in FileMaker Go/FileMaker WebDirect — Access the predefined Starter apps from FileMaker Go and FileMaker WebDirect. Under consideration
JavaScript support — Within a web viewer, directly call JavaScript from FileMaker scripts and vice versa. Under consideration
Improved email functionality — Support HTML-formatted emails. On hold
Continue Layout mode enhancements — Add tables to the objects pane, view table schema related to a layout, and more. On hold

Share: Cloud

With the addition of FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.x to the FileMaker Platform and the upcoming release of FileMaker Cloud, users can now securely access their custom apps in a cloud hosted environment. This deployment option makes the FileMaker Platform attractive and accessible to a brand-new set of customers. We will continue to invest in FileMaker Cloud to make it the best cloud experience available to our customers.

Feature Timeframe
Platform parity — Update FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.18 code base to support features in FileMaker Next. In market
FileMaker Cloud — A new PaaS-based cloud hosting platform for FileMaker clients. FileMaker Cloud is purchased directly from FileMaker, Inc. Next
FileMaker Customer Console — A new web-based application for customers to manage FileMaker ID accounts, groups, hosts, settings, and FileMaker software subscriptions. Available in FileMaker Cloud. Next
Upload to Host — The menu item under File > Sharing menu is now “Upload to Host.” Users can upload custom apps to FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.18, FileMaker Cloud, as well as FileMaker Server. Supports ability to upload multiple files at once. The redesigned dialog box also provides a more streamlined user experience. In market / Next
Create new on FileMaker Cloud — Save new custom apps directly to a FileMaker Cloud 2 host. In development
FileMaker client integration with FileMaker Cloud — Improve the Share workflow to make deploying custom apps more streamlined and user friendly. Improve the FileMaker ID user flow. Under consideration
FileMaker Cloud — Merge FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.x functionality into FileMaker Cloud. Continue investment in developing the FileMaker Cloud platform. Under consideration

Share: Deployment and Administration

Ease of deployment is a high priority for the FileMaker Platform. Since the introduction of FileMaker Cloud for AWS, we have been making an ongoing concerted effort to make it easier to deploy custom apps to your teams. And, once your apps are deployed, the FileMaker Platform provides you with the tools necessary to help manage, monitor, and update your apps on an ongoing basis.

Feature Timeframe
FileMaker Admin API standardization — The FileMaker Admin API in FileMaker Server has been rewritten based on the OpenAPI specification. FileMaker Admin API is no longer a trial feature in both FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud for AWS. In market
Specify app at launch — Open a specific custom app when launching FileMaker Pro Advanced or FileMaker Go. In market
Improved app access — In the My Apps window, display all hosted files a user has been granted access to. Replaces need for a file launcher. Requires FileMaker ID. Available in FileMaker Cloud. Next
Startup restoration — FileMaker Server validates database entries when a file is first opened, before client access, and if the file had not been properly closed. The restoration log will help FileMaker files be more recoverable after a hardware or software crash. In market
FileMaker Server Admin Console enhancements — Improve functionality of FileMaker Server Admin Console including: change default backup time using the CLI; view script schedule success/failure; show clearer database status indication; show when Admin Console was last started. In market
Server monitoring enhancements — Improved ability to monitor server resources and metrics using third-party tool Zabbix. Able to monitor multiple servers at the same time. Available in FileMaker Server, FileMaker Cloud for AWS, and FileMaker Cloud. In market / Next
Spanish FileMaker Server — Add Spanish language support for FileMaker Server. In market
Card support in FileMaker WebDirect — Add support for cards in FileMaker WebDirect. Under consideration
Database engine improvements — Continue development of startup restoration feature. Update communication protocol in FileMaker Server. Under consideration
On-premise support for FileMaker ID — Support FileMaker ID licensed users and groups in FileMaker Server deployments. Under consideration
Copy and paste accounts and privileges On hold
Copy and paste layouts — Copy and paste layouts between FileMaker files. On hold
Product update delivery mechanism — Ability to host product updates for download via FileMaker Server. Allows for more control over end-user access to updates. On hold
Support for custom menus in FileMaker WebDirect — Add support for custom menus in FileMaker WebDirect. On hold

Share: Mobility

Since the advent of iPad and iPhone devices, mobility has been an area of strategic focus for FileMaker, Inc. because of the substantial market opportunity. Businesses have embraced mobile technology because it changes the way their employees work, resulting in significant productivity and efficiency gains. As mobile technology evolves, we will continue to invest in iOS technology.

Feature Timeframe
Append to existing PDF— FileMaker Go appends additional data to a specified PDF file using a script step. In market
Enhanced barcode support— FileMaker Go will support 4 additional barcode types: PDF417, ITF-14, Aztec, and Data Matrix. In market
Continue iOS API support — Continue to leverage existing and emerging iOS APIs to extend the utility of FileMaker Go and the iOS App SDK. In development
MDM deployment enhancements — Preconfigure application preferences. Examples include specifying the host, specifying recent files, adding files to the device, and locking down settings. On hold
Gesture support in container field content— Use a gesture to view the container field content in full-screen mode. On hold
Annotate PDFs in container fields — Annotate PDFs and images stored in a container field natively within FileMaker Go. On hold
View app on device — More easily view custom apps on an iOS device when creating or modifying layouts. On hold

Share: Security

With the proliferation of data breaches around the world, more and more businesses are making data security a top priority in their organizations. As a result, security has become a core consideration for design and deployment of the FileMaker Platform.

Feature Timeframe
Security UI enhancements— Streamlined Manage Security dialog box. New privilege set allow the user to access manage security but not give them full access to any other parts of the file. See all FileMaker ID groups and users from the dialog box (for FileMaker Cloud users only). In market / Next
FileMaker ID identity provider system— An integrated sign-on system for authenticating users of FileMaker products and services. Available in FileMaker Cloud. Next
FileMaker ID user —A new customer who has a FileMaker ID account and has all rights to use FileMaker Customer Console. Next
FileMaker ID groups —A subset of users within a FileMaker ID team. Groups are created on the Groups page in FileMaker Customer Console by a team manager. Next
Plug-in security enhancements — Within the Plug-in SDK, enable developers to digitally sign plug-ins. Notifications warn users before loading an unsigned plug-in. In market
Default file access protection— For one file to reference another, the “Require full access privileges to use references to this file” is enabled by default in newly created files. In market
OAuth 2.0 support for accounts in iOS App SDK — Add ability to authenticate users via OAuth 2.0 to the iOS App SDK. In market
SSL certificate installation on FileMaker Server — Continue to focus on making SSL certificate installation on FileMaker Server as easy as possible. Under consideration

Share: Performance and scalability

Performance and scalability encompass the technologies that are core to the FileMaker Platform. They include areas such as quality, performance, reliability, scalability, and operating system compatibility. Investment in these areas is necessary to keep the FileMaker Platform technologically relevant.

Feature Timeframe
Database engine performance —Support multiple processing threads for increased performance of FileMaker Server. In development
Database engine performance — Continue to scale the performance of FileMaker Server. In development
FileMaker Data API performance — Support HTTP 2.0 to scale performance of the FileMaker Data API. Under consideration
Continue FileMaker WebDirect improvements— Support HTTP 2.0 to scale performance of FileMaker WebDirect. Under consideration
Continue responsiveness enhancements — Ability to interact with an app while also sorting, importing, or exporting data. On hold
Multithread sorting — Enhance performance by leveraging multicore machines to process multiple sorts at the same time on FileMaker Server. On hold
Smart server-side sorting— Automatically sort data on a FileMaker client or FileMaker Server based on a CPU usage algorithm. On hold


Integration has been an important area of focus for the FileMaker Platform for many years. The FileMaker Platform currently provides integration using REST-based APIs, OData, microservices, and more. We will continue to invest in new integration with emerging technologies that will enable FileMaker custom apps to communicate with other apps and services.

Feature Timeframe
FileMaker Data API enhancements — Achieve parity with XML metadata support including script names, layout names, and layout schema. In market
REST-based connector enhancements — Support ability for end users to create FileMaker Data API connectors to other web apps and services. Available in FileMaker Cloud. Next
OData support — Allow OData-capable client applications to query and update FileMaker data. OData is a REST-based Open Data Protocol. Available in FileMaker Cloud. Next
Tableau Server support — In addition to Tableau Desktop, the Tableau Web Data Connector will support Tableau Server. Available in FileMaker Cloud. Next
On-premise support for OData — Add support for the OData API in FileMaker Server. Under consideration
Support for microservices — Leverage microservices to more securely integrate external functions into a FileMaker custom app. Alternative to existing plug-in architecture. Under consideration
FileMaker Data API enhancements— Continue to add functionality to the FileMaker Data API using an integration platform as a service (iPaaS) framework. Under consideration
Enhanced FileMaker Go integration— Leverage Apple’s Core ML framework, built into iOS devices, to integrate machine learning models such as image analysis and natural language processing into FileMaker Go. Under consideration
Emerging technology integration —Explore integrating technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain into the FileMaker Platform. Under consideration

Product deprecation

FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.19 will be last version of the FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.x series.

  • FileMaker Cloud replaces FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.x.
  • Support for all FileMaker Cloud for AWS 1.x versions will end on January 1, 2022.

Only 1-year SSL certificates will be available as of January 1, 2019.

  • No 2-year certificates will be offered.

Only 1-year renewals on all Bring Your Own License (BYOL) contracts will be available as of January 1, 2019.

  • No multi-year renewals will be offered.

Removals from the FileMaker 18 Platform:

  • FileMaker Server – Swedish version
    • Swedish will remain in all clients
  • Support for macOS Sierra 10.12

Feature deprecations*

New deprecations:

  • Peer-to-peer networking
    • Use of this feature is for testing purposes only.
    • Connections remain at 5.
    • FileMaker Cloud is recommended as a secure alternative.

Previously deprecated:

  • EPS image format
  • Support for 32-bit architecture
  • Support for Windows 7, 8, and 8.1
  • Support for EPS files (*.eps)
  • Container field option: “Store only a reference to the file”
  • The Get(WindowOrientation) function
  • Send DDE and spelling script steps
  • Type 1 fonts DBF import/export format
  • DDR HTML format
  • FileMaker Pro runtimes

*Deprecation does not mean the immediate deletion of an API or technology. However, FileMaker, Inc. recommends that you migrate your custom app to use other APIs, technologies, or alternative features of the product because the deprecated interfaces may be deleted from a future version of the application.

See a complete list of deprecated features:
FileMaker Knowledge Base

FileMaker 18 Platform supported operating systems

FileMaker Pro Advanced

  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7 SP1 Professional and Ultimate Editions

FileMaker Server

  • macOS Mojave 10.14
  • macOS High Sierra 10.13
  • Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition (with Desktop Experience)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition with Update

FileMaker Go

  • iOS 12.2 (minimum) iOS 13 (when available)

FileMaker WebDirect

  • Desktop browsers: Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome
  • Mobile browsers: Mobile Safari on iOS 12.1 minimum, Chrome on Android 7

Product availability

FileMaker Platform

Product Available End of life (EOL) date
FileMaker 17 Platform Yes TBD
FileMaker 16 Platform Yes September 18, 2020
FileMaker 15 Platform Yes September 20, 2019
FileMaker 14 Platform Yes September 21, 2018
FileMaker 13 Platform No September 22, 2017

Note: Availability refers to direct sales, technical support, replacement media, downgrade media, and downgrade license keys.

FileMaker Go

Product Available Removal date
FileMaker Go 17 Yes TBD
FileMaker Go 16 Yes September 20, 2019
FileMaker Go 15 Yes September 21, 2018
FileMaker Go 14 No September 22, 2017
FileMaker Go 13 No September 23, 2016

Note: Due to iOS compatibility or for security issues, FileMaker Go may be removed from the App Store earlier than scheduled.

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