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fmMenu – Organize and Manage the layouts within your FileMaker Solution by Ivica Sopkic – FileMaker Today

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Here this weeks featured developer tool… fmMenu…Check out this great new FileMaker tool to organize and manage the layouts within your FileMaker solution from Ivica Sopkic.


  • This is a great little utility tool to help organize and manage the layouts within a solution.

  • To create records of the layouts in the solution and allow the developer a simple tool for finding and managing the layouts.

  • By using global variables for the layout titles, you can change the name of the layout without having to actually/physically change the name of the layout.

  • Can be used with a value list to move between layouts


  • Menu

  • Layout

  • Virtual Value List (Optional)

Custom Functions:

  • zPrependWithByteOrderMarks ( used for controlled value list sort order )

  • zLayout ( simple sql query for getting the layout name )

Included by not required:

  • Dynamic Records Toolbox (Modular Scripts)

Download fmMenu

Tap or Click to visit Ivica’s website

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