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FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 7.23 Adds FileMaker 13 Merge Database Feature – FileMaker Today

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.com Solutions Inc. has released FmPro Migrator Developer Edition 7.23 with support for FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 merge database projects using updated WinAutomation GUI automation. This release supports FileMaker Pro Advanced 11, FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 running on Windows XP – 8.1.

Using WinAutomation GUI automation on Windows enables FmPro Migrator to automate the processing of hundreds of FileMaker objects per hour.

The use of WinAutomation v5 GUI automation within FmPro Migrator improves the reliability and performance of the automation tasks, reduces cost and setup requirements compared to previous versions. The WinAutomation v5 jobs have been completely rewritten and compiled with the Job Compiler. Customers don’t need to purchase WinAutomation in order to use the compiled jobs, unless they want to localize the code for different languages.

The WinAutomation GUI automation no longer requires any configuration prior to usage. The compiled job file is automatically written to disk and executed the first time it is needed. Each time the job file is used, at test is also made to insure that only one copy of the selected version of FileMaker Pro Advanced is running.

FileMaker developers can use the Merge Database process to upgrade older multi-file solutions into easier to maintain FileMaker Pro 13 single file solutions. Upgrading to FileMaker Pro 13 also offers developers the opportunity to take advantage of the latest design, development and security features included with FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 and FileMaker Server 13.

Performance testing of FmPro Migrator with FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 includes the following results:

850 per hour – TOs Creation

212 per hour – Relationship Predicate Creation

150 per hour – Custom Function Creation

480 per hour – Value List Creation

200 per hour – Layout Importing

307 per hour – Layout Creation – Pass #1

678 per hour – Script Creation

652 per hour – Layout Creation – Pass #2 (Replacing contents of existing layouts, to resolve dependencies between layouts and scripts)

As a service to the FileMaker community, .com Solutions Inc. has released the FileMaker automation WinAutomation job code as open source software. In addition to the WinAutomation source job file, a LiveCode test harness stack is also provided. The test harness stack includes calls to the WinAutomation job executable embedded within LiveCode handlers.

The WinAutomation job code and LiveCode testing stack are available for download from the File menu in FmPro Migrator, and are available in the commercial and demo versions of FmPro Migrator at no cost.

Additional enhancements with this release include:

  • FmPro Migrator now verifies that only one copy of the version of FileMaker Pro Advanced selected on the FileMaker tab is the actual version running when the WinAutomation automation code is running. An error message is displayed if this situation occurs.

  • Added a test for missing relationship fields before starting the automated creation of relationships in FileMaker databases. If this problem occurs, the Relationship_Error_Report.txt is written to the output directory and an error dialog is displayed. This problem can be corrected by deleting or editing the relationships in FmPro Migrator.

  • Added a test for missing base table names before starting the automated Table Occurrences creation batch processing in FileMaker databases. If this problem occurs, the Table_Occurrence_Error_Report.txt is written to the output directory and an error dialog is displayed. This problem can be corrected by deleting TOs having errors in FmPro Migrator, or fixing the problem in FileMaker and re-exporting/re-importing the DDR XML file.

  • The database report feature on the Tables tab of the Migration Process window has been enhanced to write a folder of report files for every table, TO and Relationship imported into FmPro Migrator. Previously, each table had to be clicked individually to create a report file for a single table.

  • The Copy All Tables to Clipboard button now automatically opens the FileMaker Manage Database window and selects the Tables tab within FileMaker Pro Advanced.


For more info about the FmPro Migrator FileMaker Table Consolidation feature, please see:

The FileMaker Merge Database process is shown in a series of short YouTube videos:

Pricing and Availability:

FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is priced at ($200) per developer.

A functional demo version of FmPro Migrator may be downloaded from

.com Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications supporting FileMaker Pro, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, Valentina, VB6 and LiveCode developers. FmPro Script Diff, compares and edits FileMaker Pro scripts. FmPro Migrator ( ) converts FileMaker Pro databases to and from FileMaker Pro, SQLite Diff compares SQLite database schema and data.


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