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FmPro Migrator Enhanced with FileMaker 13 to LiveCode Conversion – FileMaker Today

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[FMT News San Diego, California] At the RunRevLive.14 conference, .com Solutions Inc. has released FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 7.34 with support for FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 to LiveCode conversions. During the RunRevLive.14 conference David Simpson, President of .com Solutions Inc. will be holding 2 workshop sessions featuring this new FileMaker 13 to LiveCode conversion feature. These workshops are scheduled for Wednesday September 3rd at 2:00pm and Thursday September 4th at 11:30am.

FmPro Migrator reads the metadata from FileMaker 11, 12, 13 database files, then in a matter of seconds generates cards for the layouts in a LiveCode 5.5 compatible stack file. LiveCode object, card and stack level scripts are written into the new stack file during the conversion process to provide application functionality.

In addition to supporting the new FileMaker 13 database format, FmPro Migrator LiveCode conversions now include Save Records as PDF and Save Records as Excel features within the generated stack file.

FmPro Migrator 7.34 has been built with LiveCode 7.0, to enhance Unicode compatibility and improve the display of application GUI elements on Hi-DPI displays for MacOSX and Windows operating systems.

Currently in developer preview release status, LiveCode 7 represents the first major release of LiveCode after completion of the engine refactoring project. This major engine refactoring project lays the foundation for all of the KickStarter project goals, and future LiveCode releases including the addition of HTML5 deployment.

David Simpson states, “Realizing the importance of the LiveCode 7 development cycle, I have been diligently testing FmPro Migrator with LiveCode 7 releases since early 2014. I am making use of the new Unicode and Hi-DPI features of LiveCode 7. My app now looks razor sharp on MacOSX and Windows Hi-DPI displays, improving the professional look of FmPro Migrator.”

The detailed list of enhancements to the LiveCode conversion feature includes:

* Added support for converting FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 and FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 files into a LiveCode application stack file.

* Added support for converting FileMaker 12 and FileMaker 13 script steps into LiveCode scripts. Also improved the conversion of previous script steps.

* FileMaker Tab Controls are now supported 2 levels deep during FileMaker 12 layout processing.

* The latest DataGrid object from LiveCode 6.5.2 has been added to the LiveCode template stack embedded within FmPro Migrator.

* Diagonal line objects are now created by using a polygon object, in order to more accurately draw the object compared to the rectangle object previously used.

* Added a new resizeStack handler to automatically resize the enclosing object group to provide automatic display of scrollbars. This handler is also called each time the Layout Menu is used to switch between cards.

* Improved support for FileMaker scrip steps having script parameters assigned to buttons on layouts. These script steps include: Go to Layout, Perform Script, Open URL, Show Custom Dialog and Go to Record/Request/Page, Save Records as PDF, Save Records as Excel.

* Added Save Records as PDF script step implementation, supporting CurrentRecord, RecordsBeingBrowsed and BlankRecord parameters. The RecordsBeingBrowsed option uses the current Foundset of records to create multi-page PDF files. Setting the printScale parameter before calling the saveRecordsAsPDF stack handler enables LiveCode developers to easily customize the amount of info placed onto a single PDF page.

* Added Save Records as Excel script step implementation, supporting CurrentRecord and BrowsedRecords options. This code is generated for the specific fields located on each card of the stack. Spreadsheet column titles and column ordering are easily customizable within the saveRecordsAsExcel card handler.

* Added cursor changing code to each layout object having an attached script step.

* Improved merge field processing to display the field name within chevrons within the text label object.

Pricing and Availability:

FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition is priced at ($600) per developer, with support for the conversion of up to 250 forms/reports/layouts per project during the 1 year term of the license key.

Founded in 1999 by David Simpson in Sunny California, .com Solutions Inc. develops multi-platform graphical applications supporting FileMaker Pro, SQLite, Oracle, MySQL, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, Valentina, VB6, LiveCode and Visual FoxPro developers. FmPro Script Diff, compares and edits FileMaker Pro scripts. SQLite Diff compares SQLite database schema and data. Copyright (C) 1999-2014 .com Solutions Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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