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[FMT Newswire Press Release] Recently we released a handful of free tools to help you work better with FileMaker Server 13 on MAC. Now we have combined all those tools AND included some new features as well. In the FileMaker 13 Server, the webserver part is now a part of the FileMaker server. The new Server Admin Console is great, but we think that some stuff is missing in this release. That is why we created some tools and guides, which we released for free to the community.Now, we have combined thoose tools into one simple tool and even added some more. Even better, it is a native FileMaker file, which you upload to the server. It includes a plugin, that is needed, which will get installed on your server.

So, what do I get ?

This new tool  includes a Virtual Host configuration tool, an Apache Log viewer, a file editor, access to the FileMaker Server Admin Console and a command promt. And you also get the Virtual Host guide, with some updated goodies. There is also a function, that enables you to reload the Apache webserver and load new settings. After you have uploaded the file to the server and the plugin is installed there, you can open the solution from your FileMaker desktop client, FileMaker GO (iPad) or WebDirect !

The LogViewer tool, will let you load all Apache logs and you are able to read them in the tool. We have also included a feature, that lets you filter the lines in the log, which you are viewing. Browsing the Apache logs is very helpful, both when you debug your CWP solution, but also for checking errors, that do not appear in the logviewer within Server Admin Console. The FileEditor, lets you load a list of files in the web publishing folders, where your CWP files is stored. Sometimes you need to change just a small thing in a file, and the FileEditor tool let’s you, not only read the content of the files on the server, but also save changes. This tool is meant to be a way of making small changes to a file, very fast and easy, but not as a substitute for a web development application. Virtual Host tool, enables to to easily create and configure Virtual Hosts for your server and save these settings to the server. The tool includes a wide range of setting options, which is described in the guide, which is also included in the solution.

This can’t also be free ?

No, you are right. However, we have come up with a pricing, which we think is really fair. 99€ for a license. So, what are the conditions ? Well, for that price, you are allowed to use a copy of the tool on EVERY FileMaker Server 13 YOU are responsibly for.

So, if you are the Server Administrator within your company, you can use a copy on all the servers in your company. If you are a consultant, you can use a copy on all the servers you manage for your customers, even if they are not located in your office. We think this is very fair pricing.

This tool works on a standard installation of FileMaker Server 13 on Mac OS X server 10.8 or 10.9  Please note that this tool is not officially supported or endorsed by FMI.

You can watch a video, that shows the tool in action. No demo will availble. On the site, you can also pay the fee via paypal and we will email it to you.


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