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FMSimplicity releases MailChimp FileMaker Module on Modular FileMaker – FileMaker Today

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The documentation examples are based on integrating it with the Contacts starter solution that comes with FileMaker 13. You can then infer how to integrate it into your own solution.


Advanced integration ( There are about 50 screen shots, so it loads a bit slow… be patient. )

Basic integration

There are currently two dependencies:

1. BaseElements plugin, version 2.3 at the time of release ( July, 29 2014 )

2. JSON Module found at or

The module works on nine of the many methods MailChimp provides with their API. The functionality is currently concentrated on list maintenance. This is what I had a business case for so far. I am looking forward to seeing what the community has a use case for and develops other methods for inclusion in this module. Another vision would be working towards using the Insert from URL script step with httppost://.

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