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We know that FileMaker is a great Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Contact Management tool so it makes sense to integrate the ability to communicate via SMS within your existing FileMaker solution.

Why SMS from FileMaker?

  • SMS is great means of direct communication with customers, staff, suppliers, students etc

  • It’s personal (appointment reminders, phone messages, promotions, segmented marketing, school absence alerts, password confirmations etc)

  • Can reduce costs and higher open rate

  • Less “telephone tag”

  • It’s quick and more immediate than email/fax/letter

Send SMS

With fmSMS you can send a single SMS to almost any mobile phone in the world (around 819 networks in 221 countries) via one of the supported SMS Gateways. Messages are typically delivered in under 15 seconds.

Long Messages*

Messages are not restricted to 160 characters. You can send long messages as part of a single or bulk SMS, however additional charges/credits will apply for messages over 160 characters.

Bulk SMS

Send an SMS to multiple recipients at the same time. Simply create a found set/group of recipients, enter your message and click Send.

Supports Multiple SMS Gateways Internationally

fmSMS was designed to support an unlimited number of SMS Gateways around the world – reaching over 860 mobile networks in more than 220 countries. We can usually add a new SMS Gateway in under one hour. Contact us if your preferred SMS Gateway is not currently on our list of supported Gateways.

Delayed Delivery*

You can delay the delivery of messages by up to 7 days. For example you could Send a message on Friday at 5pm and have it delivered to the recipient on Sunday night at 7.00pm.

Sender ID*

Specify the mobile number that is sent as the Sender. Any replies to the message will be sent back to mobile phone specified as the Sender.

Alphanumeric ID*

For messages that don’t require replies (e.g. announcements, reminders) specify an Alphanumeric Sender ID such as “Databuzz” or “Acme Inc”. Alphanumeric Sender ID’s are limited to a maximum of 11 alphanumeric characters.

Message Delivery Status*

Query the status of sent messages to see if they have been delivered by the carrier. If your are using FileMaker Server to host your FileMaker solutions it might also be possible to have delivery receipts sent to fmSMS automatically by the SMS Gateway.

Message Log

A log of all sent messages is kept. Past sent messages can be viewed against an individual Contact or you can view all past sent messages for all Contacts. Reports can be generated to view the log of past messages by date range.

Message Templates

You can create an unlimited number of Message Templates that you can insert instead of typing the same message each time. Message Templates can also contain merge fields from the Contacts database – for example “Dear <<dear>>” becomes “Dear Andrew”).

2 Way Messages/Replies*

With 2 way messaging you can allow recipients to reply to messages sent from fmSMS. Replies can be retrieved manually on demand or be sent automatically to fmSMS. Replies are matched to the original message allowing for a view of the “conversation” between you and your customer.

* requires compatible SMS Gateway. Not all SMS Gateways support all features of fmSMS. Some features might incur additional charges by your selected SMS Gateway. Some features require hosting by FileMaker Server v12 or later with Custom Web Publishing using the PHP API and a static IP address. See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

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