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FMSP-PayPal API Fixes-Filemaker 17 News-FileMaker 17 Training-FileMaker Expert-FM Starting Point

FMSP-PayPal API Fixes-Filemaker 17 News-FileMaker 17 Training-FileMaker Expert-FM Starting Point
PayPal API integration has been fixed among other bugs in this latest release of FMSP 6.0.2. Released June 21, 2018

L80 Estimates Layout
Impact: The “add line” button had a bad hide condition on it.
Description: Replaced incorrect calculation with “Get (WindowMode ) + 1.”

L60 (HTML Calendar)
Impact: Sample Data wasn’t showing on first open.
Description: Fixed Startup Script to include this.

L10 Accounts and L40 Contacts
Impact: There is a question mark icon in the upper right corner with course advertising info.
Description: Fixed links.

L40 Contacts
Impact: Tasks tab: detail view button was improperly placed and hard to click on.
Description: Brought button to the front of the portal and sized it correctly.

L501 Contacts Phone
Impact: “Find/Edit Contact” label is wrong in Find Mode.
Description: Changed the hide conditions on the two text objects.

L500 Contacts Phone
Impact: No method of adding a new ToDo or Note to the Contact Record.
Description: Added a button to a new ToDo and Task in Portal.

L500 Contacts Phone
Impact: Under the middle tab that shows the related records, it displayed the arrow on the right side to view the related records. This should probably hide itself in the event that there are zero related records.
Description: Put a hide condition on the button based on the count of related records.

L500 Contacts Phone
Impact: After updating the follow-up, it navigates to the desktop layout and not back to the mobile contact layout.
Description: Edited Script 0706 on line 74 to check for $$DEVICE_MODE.

L40 Contacts
Impact: The portal here shows contacts that are related to the same company as this contact. There should be a “New Contact” button just above the portal that allows a user to create a new contact that is automatically related to the account record.
Description: Added New Script that creates a new contact record related to the same account.

L430 Staff
Impact: Portal alignment was off.
Description: Rearranged portal items to fit better and moved items and labels to the left to not hide behind trash icon.

L150 Projects
Impact: Time Entries tab: the “i” for info is cut off by the scroll bar.
Description: Lined up invisible button with the scroll bar’s left edge.

L140 Products
Impact: When changing Radio box from Product to Service, a script fired to change the slide panel but isn’t used anymore.
Description: Deleted script 1315.

Script 1249
Impact: When creating a Time entry, if there were none, Script 1249 looked for Error 401.
Description: Changed script from Error 401 to “if (Get (FoundCount) = 0”

PayPal Script 4201 and 4203
Impact: Needed to update the scripts to hardcode the links, instead of referencing the links returned.
Description: Updated them with the hard coded links for update and send email.

L110 Invoices
Impact: The Line Item Product ID field was locked and non-modifiable.
Description: Changed id_product to be editable in the line item portal.

L110 Invoices
Impact: Label was on bottom layer and “Tax” was anchored incorrectly.
Description: Label was on bottom layer and “Tax” was anchored incorrectly.

L150 Projects
Impact: There was a typo and that said “Products” instead of “Projects” and a minor pixel alignment.
Description: Fixed text and realigned.

HTML Calendar
Impact: There was a Time Zone issue with half hour Time Zone differences.
Description: Updated Task Script and UCT Custom Function.

PayPal Issue
Impact: In the AU, EU, and UK versions of FM Starting Point, the tax wasn’t being set to PayPal properly.
Description: Fixed parameters being passed, and edited the way VAT/GST were being passed to PayPal.

PayPal Link Issues
Impact: PayPal updated their API this week (6/18/18) and changed the way they pass links back to the user.
Description: Fixed the issue by manually entering the entire links needed for the processes used by FM Starting Point

FileMaker evolved from a DOS application, but was then developed primarily for the Apple Macintosh and released in April 1985. Since 1992 it has been available for Microsoft Windows and for the classic Mac OS and macOS, and can be used in a cross-platform environment

PayPal Holdings, Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

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