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Developer Assistant is a plug-in for the FileMaker® Pro database that helps FileMaker developers save time and be more productive. Developer Assistant lets you search all scripts, the table relationships graph, in table and field metadata, evaluate calculations in the script editor, and much more.

Find every function call.

Say you need to modify every call to a CriticalFunction(), but how can you find all the scripts that use it?  Developer Assistant’s Toolbox lets you search for “CriticalFunction”, and it even opens the script and highlights the next script step matching your search:

Developer Assistant Finds a String in a Script


Find tables in a maze of relationships.

When you have a lot of tables in the graphic view of table relationships, it can be hard to find the one you’re looking for. Developer Assistant lets you find individual tables by name and highlights them in the relationships graph:

Table relationships graph

Search almost anywhere.

There are so many other places you can search:

Use RegEx

  • Search in FileMaker’s Manage Database window to highlight tables or fields containing your search string. In FileMaker Pro Advanced, the search even includes text associated with the tables or fields, such as field auto-enter and validation calculations.

  • Search in almost any List that appears in a FileMaker dialog. A list is any set of more than one visible row of information (which means a pull-down menu is not a list). FileMaker uses lists to show names of functions, names of layouts, watched expressions, script steps, fields being imported/exported, and many other things. A list search includes all visible text in all columns of multi-column lists.


Wildcard matches.

The Use RegEx option lets you search with Perl-compatible regular expressions. These expressions can be used like wildcards, so searching for the regular expression “Make.*” would find “MakeWidget()”, “MakeGadget()”, and so on.

Instant-evaluate selected text.

Developer Assistant Evaluates Selected TextYou wonder what the value of Get(SystemPlatform) is on your system. Instead of searching through the help file, drag over the expression to highlight it, then click Developer Assistant’s Evaluate button to find its value immediately.

Think how much time you’ll save by highlighting and instantly evaluating any expression as you’re writing or debugging scripts.


Move multiple lines.

FileMaker uses lists of fields, script steps, and so on where each line is prefixed by a double arrow List line arrows indicating the line can be dragged up and down. Macintosh FileMaker allows you to select more than one line and drag them up or down together. Newer Windows versions of FileMaker allow the same thing, but not in all lists.

Developer Assistant lets you move lines as a group in any Windows FileMaker dialog. Simply highlight a group of lines and click Mark:

Marks Lines to Move

Click another list line, such as “Contacts”, then click Move After:

Click Move After

The marked group is moved below the “Contacts” line you selected:

Move complete

Moving groups of lines can save a lot of time in larger databases when you want to organize many fields or change the order they are exported in.

Windows or Mac-like keys.

It can be exceptionally frustrating for those used to Windows keys to reflexively hit the Home key on a Macintosh and have the text view scroll all the way to the top instead of moving the text-entry cursor to the start of the current line. The same goes for those used to Mac keys who sometimes use Windows.

Developer Assistant fixes these problems by allowing you to remap the Home, End, Shift-Home, and Shift-End keyboard combinations on Macintosh to work like they do on Windows, or to remap the same keys on Windows to work like they do on Macintosh.

Used by FileMaker, Inc.

Even FileMaker, Inc. has purchased multiple licenses of this tool. Now you can try Developer Assistant too – free for 30 days.



System Requirements

  • FileMaker Pro 7v3 through 12

  • Windows 2000 through Windows 8

  • Macintosh OS X 10.4.11 (Tiger) through 10.8 (Mountain Lion), PowerPC or Intel



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