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FileMaker IWP non-English Login / Script to Auto-fill & Submit "iwp_auth.html"?

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    Hello. My company is based in Japan. We currently have a single FM Pro 11 database hosted on MacUSA, using their Personal/Small Business plan:

    Since we provide access to this database free of charge to our customers in Japan, we don’t need anything fancy or costly (such as a dedicated FM hosting server). That’s why we chose this very economically priced shared hosting plan. Compared with all other hosting services I was able to Google, MacUSA seems to give the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to FM Pro IWP. The disadvantage though is that we really need a Japanese language login page. But with the shared hosting we have on MacUSA, we are forced to use English. I am posting here today to see if there might be a way to work around this problem.

    Here is the URL to access the login page of our database on MacUSA:

    Clicking on the above URL starts FM Pro Server and creates a Session, then it auto-redirects here:

    I have the ability to create a Japanese language Login/PSW form on our primary web server. But can anyone tell me how to write a SCRIPT that will (1) start the Session on MacUSA and be redirected to “iwp_auth.html” and (2) fill-in and submit that “iwp_auth.html” form with the data the user submitted on my Japanese login page?

    If you know how to write a script to accomplish that, would it also be possible to hide that process from view, such that the Japanese user only sees the Japanese page and doesn’t know there is a script at work auto-submitting data in the background? (I want a seamless user experience, such that the user isn’t bewildered by strange things flashing up on their screen automatically. They should just be able to enter their Name and PSW, click Login, then appear to be directly taken to the FM database.)

    I am not a web programmer, but I do know our web host provider (not MacUSA, but the host provider for our main website) offers PHP support. Could someone give me some hand-holding on exactly how to go about accomplishing this? Our database users use a wide variety of browsers, from IE6 to IE9 on Windows, as well as the latest Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers on OS X. I would prefer to have whatever the scripting solution to be compatible with those browsers.

    I look forward to your replies.

    Thank you.


    In case you’re still interested, the matter can be resolved with an URL. Just today I was faced with the need to login smoothly without the user being presented with the IWP login page.

    This link has the answers:

    If you are resolving this with a URL, you need to fiddle about a bit with all the “&” stuff in that blog’s code suggestions, some of it needs to be replaced with its human readable characters such as “&” and %3D with “=” to get this to work (at least I had to do that).

    Don’t know how it will operate in your cross-language situation though.
    Also be aware that the URL will contain a username and password over an open channel if you do not deploy your IWP pages in HTTPS.

    I am currently using this for a guest page in IWP that just opens a layout in IWP that is in a table that is connected to NOTHING, form entered is then distributed over other tables using a script, and low level access privilege set connected to the IWP client so he can do nothing except fill out the form and submit it. And still I think that it’s better to use HTTPS for this. FMSA can handle this. then again, I don’t really know if the initial URL is sent out encrypted. Something to find out, but not now. will get back on this if I find the answer.

    Anyone with any thoughts about security… I welcome your comments.

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