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    Can anyone recommend a cd training series so that I can learn the FileMaker program.


    Perhaps others can make such a recommendation. But I think the best way to learn FMP is to go thru your manual one section at a time and perform the operations outlined there. I learned FMP mostly from the manual and then experimentation. Add this forum to that initial experience and you will learn more than most official training programs can cover. Hands on is the key and if you have a question or problem, simply post it here and we will be more than gratified to assist you. Also, visit all of the sites dedicated to Filemaker such as and you will pick up much excellent knowledge there as well. Download as many free and open samples of others work to see how graphics, scripts and calcs are used to make the data flow logically. Good Luck. You are embarking on a very satisfying journey into the realm of Filemaker Pro Data Bases.

    Be Well and have fun

    Tom laugh.gif


    RE: The FileMaker Professional Training Book & CD

    Go here to purchase it – look down the page (currently it is the 15th item)

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