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Filemakerserver 11 Firewall pass through… HELP! ports 5003TCP UDP open(FullIP OPen)

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    Not hitting from outside through Firewall.
    Inside to inside works…

    Any Ideas would be apreceiated


    Read this article


    Also remember to forward the port to the correct IP address in the application and gaming section in your router setup.


    IP Address___192.168.1.102
    enable______check yes

    this will route incoming traffic to your server address.


    Thanks for the replies…
    I had read the article…

    the only thing I see that we have different is we have it set to IP wide open as apposed to a specific port for NAT.


    I don’t seem to be able to access the attached images. Any hope that someone could email them to please?


    you can download and upload attachments and images if you upgrade your membership. fwiw the image posted by chopper is not needed to understand the thread.

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