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    I am trying to create an interface similar to the Mac OS X Aqua scheme… I have most of the graphics that I need but I cant seem to get things like the buttons on pop-menus and drop-down menus to function. How do I do this???


    mac: ctrl-click the button to get the contextual menu. then select “specify button” to link a script to a button or any graphic object.

    I don’t understand why you have trouble with a drop down menu. what have you done?


    I’m trying to change the select button on the field so that instead of the flat graphic, I can use the aqua style button. I can place the graphic without a problem and I can utilize the drop down or pop menus if i click inside the field but not if I click the button. Is this something I have to change in the themes section or is there a script I can attach to the button that will cause the field menu to drop down or pop up?


    If I understand you correctly, “go to field[ select/perform ]”

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