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    I am having a problem. I have two databases that are related to each other. One holds requests for tech support the other holds the solutions for those requests. The solutions are viewed in the request database as a portal. It is sorted by SolutionDate. I would like the latest date to be dropped into a field in the request database as part of finalizing the record. I have tried a calculation which ensures the recordID of the request record matches the recordID of the solutions, determine the max date of the solutiondate field. Nothing happens. What can I do?


    Is the solution date field defined as a Date field?

    Try this in your Request database:

    Create a calculation field (result = date) such as this: MostRecentSolutionDate = Max(solution::date)

    Where solution in the above is the relationship between the two databases based upon the request number; and date is the solution date field.


    I actually tried this. The problem is, the second database, the one that holds the solutions, is related to the record ID number from the work order database. If I did the solution you have suggested, I get the max date in the ENTIRE solutions database, not the max date of only the records related to the work order number.
    Do you have another solution?


    Would you be willing to email me your files? OR, send me your email address and I will send you a sample solution.

    It would help to see your field definitions, you may need to create an additional relationship between the DB’s for this formula to work.


    Here is my email address. [email=”<br"]

    I can try your sample solution, if that doesn’t work I will send you my files. I appreciate your help.!!


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