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    I am running FMP 4.1.
    I have been using the help file to learn about relationships. I was using the examples that are in the help file. I have a master file and another file called street. In the street file I have a list of street names. In the master file I have a list of names. In the master file I created a layout to display a persons name and then I would use the Street file to select a street name.
    Nothing seems to be working. Cant’s enter a new street name into the street file from a layout in the master file. Can’t see any street names when I am in the layout that is with the master file.
    I set up the relationship, and when I am on the layout in the master file I can select the file that is linked to the street file but no data is visable.

    Any sugestions?
    FMP 4.1


    Hi Newbe (is that your name?)

    The question is what are you trying to do? Are you trying to display a list of streets for each person in the master file? If so, you have a many-to-many relationship i.e. one person is related to many streets and one street is related to many persons. Is that possible? Maybe if you are considering home and work addresses.

    If that is the case, you need what is known as a join file. Instead of the relationship being:


    you should have:

    PERSON —-

    —- STREET

    This is a bit rambling because I really don’t know what you are trying to do. Maybe you can explain more?


    Many questions.

    My wife is a school teacher.

    She has a report card program done using FMP 4.1. I have built a new file to create and edit comments for the report card file. Therefore there is only one copy of a comment.
    I want to insert into the report card file comments from the new file I created that contains the comments.

    The relational setup should be. The new file contains only one copy of the same comment and the report card file contains many copies of the same comment.
    I do not want the Report card file copy (data) to be changed if I decide to change a specific comment that is in the new comment file in the future.

    I have been using the help file and nothing I do seems to be displaying data from the other related file.

    My NewBe name as in new to FMP

    To answer the other questions I was using the help terminology master and related file to play and learn. I was not able to view data from the other file or visavera.

    If I need a join rather than a relational setup?

    How do I set up a join in FNP 4.1?

    What does this mean?

    and this?
    PERSON —-

    —- STREET



    It sounds like you may have made some fundamental errors. I came to FMP from access and at first had trouble adjusting. Keep at and all of a sudden it will gell for you. Go to the FMP help file and read and re-read. It will become clearer as you get the slightly different logic. I know it seems confusing at first but stick with it. It’s more fun and rewarding as you figure things out. Check out trouble with relationships in the help file.


    Oh by the way.
    that’s how a relationship is diagramed

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