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Users are getting bounced??

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    Users are getting bounced multiple times a day, with ….
    “Communication with the host was interrupted and could not be re-established. All affected windows will be closed”.

    Right in the middle of working – no “sleep” on the client computer.

    The server is in a Tier 2 data center, and the clients are in either a remote facility on a dedicated T1 connection, or a warehouse with a high speed cable connection.

    We’ve cycled the server without effect.

    This same setup has the other problem I just posted on authentication errors.

    Chasing this one all over – any suggestions?


    What version of FMS? 11v5?

    Does the disconnection coincide with a backup? Is the OS logging any errors around the same time?


    FMS Adv

    The server is a Core2Duo 2.8ghz, with 8gb ram, and a 500gb 6gb/sec SSD on a eSATA2 interface (3gb/sec), and connected with gigibit ethernet into a 100MB backbone through a SONIICWALL firewall. Screen savers are off, as well as any power management on the server that might impact this. UPS is realtime, with zero switchover time.

    The code is FM3, made up of 39 files, each with inconsistent security settings, and lots of organically grown code (read, problematic).
    There are some 68,000+ objects in the files, with over 1,000 errors reported with BaseElements. (running Inspector 3.1 right now as well).

    There is a script that runs every 15 minutes (an inventory update). The one screen shot I have of a user getting disconnected, has a time stamp that is within a minute of this script execution. This script (posted in another thread as a question), has user authentication issues.

    But it does not happen all the time – just frequently. 5-6 times a day for each user.


    This issue remains a problem – and an elusive one at that. I cannot discern any pattern of behavior, or log entry conditions, that correlate to, or would create the situation. The user getting booted can be anyone, but one workstation in particular, has the highest incident rate. It is a Windows 7 box, reinstalled with a new copy of FMPro (didn’t help), and on a physical LAN connection to the server. The machine is in the call center room, right next to the server room, so no much in between, and multiple companies are serviced from the call center, without this problem.

    Of related note (potentially). This is a 39 file, FM3 system, running on FMS11Adv. Multiple times a day, when I am working on this, FM brings up an error dialog that some file or another cannot be found. Cancel, and it continues as if nothing happened.

    NEW DATA: I just found out that all the users in the call center, are using the same ID and password. When one logs out, it shuts down FM, and closes all the files – and the others are bounced as well.

    I don’t know that this is the only scenario where people get bounced – still learning all the [good / bad] practices of this client.

    Chasing ghosts :-/


    1] There is an external data source broken … hence the stalliong.
    2] Set up user groups in Active Directory … use windows log on to open file .Also works for Mac. PM me for more detail
    3] How is this served … FM server or Local client host. If the latter and the host closes than every one gets the boot

    4] talk them into a re-write … will save them more money in the long run


    I am having this same issue. Any updates?


    In my case, a multi-file solution with programs calling layouts / tables that the user does not have security access to – resolved the security configuration, and the problems disappeared.

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