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Learn how to design and build a smart, secure database with FileMaker Pro 13—the database solution used in both home offices and Fortune 500 companies. Cris Ippolite, drawing on years of experience with clients at his own development firm, walks through the essential FileMaker Pro skills, from creating tables and managing fields to designing layouts that display your data. He’ll show you how to find and sort data, create reports, import and export data, write scripts, diagram relationships, and more. Start now and start building your first database from scratch.

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Topics include:

  • Creating databases from Starter Solutions

  • Determining what tables you need

  • Defining key fields and creating relationships between tables

  • Creating fields

  • Creating, duplicating, editing, and deleting records

  • Importing and exporting data

  • Managing layouts and layout objects

  • Using the Layout Assistant

  • Applying themes to layouts

  • Finding records and working with found sets

  • Building reports and charts

  • Exploring calculations

  • Creating and triggering scripts

  • Working with relationships in scripts, calculations, and charts


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